Black Deaths: How The System Works Today

People all around the globe have been enraged by the issues happening in the US for the past two months. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the country witnessed a severe backlash for the ignorance and downright racism that led to the death of George Floyd. This episode in the country is a revolutionary one, with thousands of citizens in masks flocking the roads with slogans and placards. Too many lives are perishing in the US every year due to crimes, and more than one-fourth of those deaths are a result of racism.

The lynching of African-American individuals by the white students and cops signifies the leaching humanity from within the souls. Like any other citizen of the country, the black people also drive through the streets and ramble in the parks. But the factor that makes them stand out is the complexion of their skin. The movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ made some difference in the community, but the hostility persists within some people even today; events in the last two months indicate that.

What is Happening After a Month?

Despite the three-week-long protest and the struggles of the activists, the hatred is being propagated through several platforms. While many other countries are resonating with the situation with deep, heartfelt emotion to bring changes in their states, the US seems to be hung up on the polling and election campaigns. Not many people are concerned about the previous events that they have stayed at home all through the lockdown and shambles. Some people are still oblivious of the facts and motives that led to the aggravation of the issue.


In a recent press meet, the US President, Donald Trump, replied to a media person’s question arrogantly. He spurned to her question of “Why are African Americans still dying?” with the reply “that’s a terrible question”. Trump elaborated on that response with a statement that the White people are also dying on the streets. According to him, more White people are falling dead than the Blacks, which can be true when considering the demographic ratio.

However, one in every fifty Black people is being subjected to such unfortunate situations. These afflictions are to be questioned for, and each offender needs to be punished with immediate effect. According to a federal study in 2009, the fatality rate of Blacks is 2.8 times higher than the Whites. In several other studies, it was also proven that the Blacks are less likely to be armed than the Whites, making for substantial points that the whole country needs to ponder upon.

The statement by Trump puts the state in chaos since the destiny of a country lies in the decisions influenced by the leader. With such comments, police violence is being downplayed – especially with their ability to buy guns online. Adding to this was the praises that Trump gave the police for their work. They did, indeed put on some great effort through the last few weeks of uncertainty. But that doesn’t negate the impact brought on the police department by the George Floyd incident.