VPN – Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection or in simple terms, a private connection to a device from a network. When we look for a secure VPN connection, we also hunt for some of the essential factors like:

  • Speed
  • Accessibility
  • Level of encryption
  • Logs policy

Although almost all VPN providers boast of providing some or all of the features mentioned above, hardly a handful of them does so. Among some of the very few networks and networking companies that provide credible and genuine service, Bullet VPN is one of those services.

According to BulletVPN Review from many of the credible sources and websites, they’re one of the best VPN service providers, specializing in this service for fast and secure connections which are a primary goal for companies as well as individual customers. Although the services pay less attention to things like streaming, they still offer the best services for unblocking sites like the US Netflix, etc.

Features of Bullet VPN services

The features offered by this VPN service are extraordinary. Although they’re not unique from what the other service providers boast, they’re credible to their services and deliver what they promise. Some of these features include:

  • 47servers in 29 different countries
  • Unlimited data and bandwidth
  • Good speed, especially when compared to the service providers fo the same price range
  • The flexibility of using the VPN connection of three different devices simultaneously
  • Compatibility with Operating systems like Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Availability of remote support
  • Flexibility with the option of connecting through different network protocols like PPTP, L2TP IKEv1 and IKEv2.
  • Extremely strong encryption, however a DNS leak switch and the built-in kill switch are absent in this service.

Setup and Interfacing

The setup features of many of these VPN connections are simple and straightforward, which enhances the beginner’s usability. If it is still intimidating for the beginners, despite their clean instructions on the official website, they provide remote support to their customers.

Interfacing on the desktops and the mobile version as well are extremely simple, and the steps are mentioned on their official website.

Unblocking Netflix

After testing the working of Bullet VPN services in several countries like the US, Germany, France, UK, Poland, and Oregon, the unblocking of Netflix successfully worked in Portland and Oregon. However, unblocking in other countries is a little skeptical and cannot be guaranteed.

Security and Privacy

Since the BulletVPN headquarters and serves are based in Estonia, it isn’t subjected to the data retention laws- which means they are not entitled to store the user’s data or logs of user activities that provide a higher level of security.

The network uses 256-bit encryption and an amalgam of SHA-512 and 4096 RSA keys for their authentications. Hence, securing the activities of the users and protecting their information.

We’ve often come across people narrating the fact of flying in a first-class or a business class section, instead of hiring or chartering a private jet. But to clear the air, the main difference is that private jets are all about the customers and their needs, while business or first class in the airplanes are all about the airlines.

Although there are plenty of services that offer jet charters, the benefits of it cover more than luxury. Sophistication, comfort, and privacy are the primary advantages of flying in a private jet. But the advantages are not limited to them and extend far beyond the general benefits.

 Avoids dissipating time

Commercial airlines often tend to waste more time than we actually realize and most times, the wait is for other passengers, and not the airlines themselves. Not to mention the time taken for security and baggage checks that leave us exhausted even before we reach the destination.

However, this experience can be kept at arm’s length by chartering private jets. The wait time is extended maximum for five to six minutes before the passenger is good to go.

Offers High-end cuisines

Although the commercial airlines try their best on a daily basis to satisfy their customers in taste and delicacies, most times the passengers are borderline satiated and provide improvement feedback on the meals.

However, the chefs and the cook’s in the private jets go out of their way to carefully curate a meal according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Some companies also employ Michelin-starred chefs to cook for their passengers.

Utmost privacy

Commercial airlines are the most sensitive places where the information leak could happen at any moment with people actually listening to your conversation. However, the same is never experienced in private jets as they’re extremely private and the customer is in full charge of their privacy. The need for compromising privacy is overcome in a private jet.

Wider choice of airports

Commercial airplanes are often huge to accommodate the number of passengers, which limits them to access to the number of airports. Since private jets or planes are competitively compact, they are provided with the liberty of a wider selection of airports to choose from. Hence, they can even land on runways that do not encourage commercial planes.

Faster flight

Commercial flights generally fly over 35,000 feet (ca. 11 km) higher than the sea level, while the chartered flights tend to fly a little higher and also at a faster pace. This means as the height and speed increases, it diminishes the time taken for the trip and also enhances the experience.

Many people think that drugs or alcohol can make their lives better. Some argue that alcohol can help them to sleep better. Some say that drugs can make their mind happy.

But, these arguments are not true. Because drugs and alcohol work on the human nervous system and makes it weak. Once a person becomes addicted, he/she can’t get out of its clutch. The addicted person ruins his/her life and his/her family’s life.

So, you should never touch drugs or alcohol. These things can harm you in more ways than one, if you think you have a problem you should look for addiction help.

How Drugs and Alcohol Can Ruin Your Life

1) Ruins Your Physical Health

Alcohol and drugs can ruin all your healthy organs. Drugs can weaken your entire nervous system. Furthermore, alcohol can destroy your liver, kidneys, heart, and other important organs. Thus, you become physically weak.

2) Ruins Your Mental Health

Drug addiction can affect you mentally. You can’t focus on your daily jobs. You can feel sleepy and you can talk abnormally. Alcohol can also destroy your brain’s healthy cells. It can destroy your brain’s normal functions.  Call Samhsa if you need help.

3) Ruins Your Career

Under drug or alcohol addiction, you can’t complete your job’s duties. As a result, addiction can ruin your career. Though, in the beginning, you may not feel anything. But gradually it can make you mentally disabled.

4) Ruins Your Relationships

Your family and friends expect a healthy and happy relationship. But, drugs and alcohol can change your behavioral pattern. You may not be interested to talk to anybody. You may like a room full of drugs and alcohol. Thus, you step into a different world that is not made of human beings.

5) Ruins Your Savings

Drugs and alcohol can be expensive. At first, it may not cost you significantly. But, as time passes these addictions will cost you heftily. You will be forced to buy these expensive drugs and alcohol. Even you may begin to sell your home’s furniture and belongings. Consequently, your money and savings will be lost.

6) Changes Your Behaviors

Drugs and alcohol can change your behaviors completely. You may become angry or you may cry. Unfortunately, you can’t control these behaviors. If you don’t stop taking drugs or alcohol, then these behaviors can get worse.

7) Shortens Your Life Span

Addiction can damage your internal organs. As a result, you may not eat or sleep normally. These abnormal routines can shorten your lifespan. You may suffer from chronic pains or other diseases. However, drugs and alcohol will never make you healthy and strong.

8) Ruins Your Social Status

Your behaviors and activities give you social status. But, drugs and alcohol can make you a different person. You may not behave properly with others and you may do heinous activities. Thus, you ruin your social status and nobody respects you anymore.

9) Destroys Your Creativity

Your talents and creativity depend on your brain. Now, if you are under drug or alcohol addiction, then your brain won’t work properly. Hence, it would be impossible for you to think differently.

Drugs and alcohol addiction is increasing. But, awareness campaigns are also trying to stop the spreading of addiction. Adolescents and adults both have to understand the dark sides of addiction. Because, to live a healthy and happy life, a person should always avoid drugs and alcohol.