Many people think that drugs or alcohol can make their lives better. Some argue that alcohol can help them to sleep better. Some say that drugs can make their mind happy.

But, these arguments are not true. Because drugs and alcohol work on the human nervous system and makes it weak. Once a person becomes addicted, he/she can’t get out of its clutch. The addicted person ruins his/her life and his/her family’s life.

So, you should never touch drugs or alcohol. These things can harm you in more ways than one, if you think you have a problem you should look for addiction help.

How Drugs and Alcohol Can Ruin Your Life

1) Ruins Your Physical Health

Alcohol and drugs can ruin all your healthy organs. Drugs can weaken your entire nervous system. Furthermore, alcohol can destroy your liver, kidneys, heart, and other important organs. Thus, you become physically weak.

2) Ruins Your Mental Health

Drug addiction can affect you mentally. You can’t focus on your daily jobs. You can feel sleepy and you can talk abnormally. Alcohol can also destroy your brain’s healthy cells. It can destroy your brain’s normal functions.  Call Samhsa if you need help.

3) Ruins Your Career

Under drug or alcohol addiction, you can’t complete your job’s duties. As a result, addiction can ruin your career. Though, in the beginning, you may not feel anything. But gradually it can make you mentally disabled.

4) Ruins Your Relationships

Your family and friends expect a healthy and happy relationship. But, drugs and alcohol can change your behavioral pattern. You may not be interested to talk to anybody. You may like a room full of drugs and alcohol. Thus, you step into a different world that is not made of human beings.

5) Ruins Your Savings

Drugs and alcohol can be expensive. At first, it may not cost you significantly. But, as time passes these addictions will cost you heftily. You will be forced to buy these expensive drugs and alcohol. Even you may begin to sell your home’s furniture and belongings. Consequently, your money and savings will be lost.

6) Changes Your Behaviors

Drugs and alcohol can change your behaviors completely. You may become angry or you may cry. Unfortunately, you can’t control these behaviors. If you don’t stop taking drugs or alcohol, then these behaviors can get worse.

7) Shortens Your Life Span

Addiction can damage your internal organs. As a result, you may not eat or sleep normally. These abnormal routines can shorten your lifespan. You may suffer from chronic pains or other diseases. However, drugs and alcohol will never make you healthy and strong.

8) Ruins Your Social Status

Your behaviors and activities give you social status. But, drugs and alcohol can make you a different person. You may not behave properly with others and you may do heinous activities. Thus, you ruin your social status and nobody respects you anymore.

9) Destroys Your Creativity

Your talents and creativity depend on your brain. Now, if you are under drug or alcohol addiction, then your brain won’t work properly. Hence, it would be impossible for you to think differently.

Drugs and alcohol addiction is increasing. But, awareness campaigns are also trying to stop the spreading of addiction. Adolescents and adults both have to understand the dark sides of addiction. Because, to live a healthy and happy life, a person should always avoid drugs and alcohol.