Divorce and Separation Checklist in Australia

Divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage. Separation is a legal process that allows you to live apart from your spouse. This guide will walk you through what happens during the divorce or separation process, including how to prepare for it and what to do next. The following checklist will help you prepare for divorce or separation in Australia or better yet seek help from https://ascentlawyers.com.au/ right away.

1. Where Do I Live After Divorce?

The first step is deciding where you will be living after the separation or divorce. It would help if you also considered whether your children would be living with you or not. If there are children involved, it may be best for them to stay with one parent until they are old enough to decide where they want to live. If you need help making these decisions, you can speak with a mediator or lawyer for advice on how best to proceed.

2. Keep Your Valuables With You

You must always keep your valuable possessions with you because these can include jewelry, cars, and other items that may be worth large amounts of money. If your spouse takes these items from the house without asking permission first, it can create many problems later on if there is no proof that these items belong to both parties equally.

3. Find Assistance and Support Immediately

At this time, it is important to seek professional advice from lawyers or trusted family members or friends who have been through this process before so they can offer advice on what to expect next. It is also advisable to join support groups, such as Divorce Care or Marriage Care Australia, which provide emotional support throughout the divorce process.

4. Get Financial Advice

Before you split up with your partner, getting financial advice from someone who understands family law is important. They’ll be able to help you understand what you need to do to protect yourself and your children if the relationship ends. They will also be able to advise on what happens with your assets if there’s no written agreement between you and your ex-partner.

5. Consider Your Legal Options

If there’s no agreement between you and your ex-partner, then there’s no way of knowing how things will play out after separation occurs until the court makes its decision. That means that the best way to protect yourself is to ensure that both of you have legal representation throughout the process so that each side is represented equally in court proceedings.

6. Draft Separation Agreements

If there has been no prenuptial agreement signed before marriage, it is always good practice for couples who plan on getting married or starting a family.

7. What Will happen to My Joint Bank Accounts After Separation?

When two people are married, they share finances by opening joint bank accounts. When the marriage ends, you can ask the court for an order to give one person sole responsibility for managing those accounts. The court will decide whether one person should have sole access based on what’s best for your family.

8. Consider Child Custody After Separation

When parents separate or divorce, they may need to make custody arrangements for their children (also called “visitation” or “access”). This means deciding who will be responsible for making decisions about their health care and education and spending time with them on weekends and holidays. Child custody can be shared between parents or given to one parent (called sole custody). It’s important to understand what child custody means so you can make decisions about your

9. Changing Your Legal Documents and Policies

You should review your legal documents, such as wills, powers of attorney, and financial policies, to ensure they reflect your current wishes if you’re planning on separating from your partner or getting divorced. For example, if you have joint bank accounts, you need to think about who gets what if one party dies? If one person dies before the other, what happens to their share of the balance? What about investments (stocks and shares) held jointly by both parties?

Wrapping up

Divorce is a traumatic experience for most couples and involves numerous decisions that need to be taken that can be confusing and overwhelming. This page aims to simplify the divorce process and make it easier for the parties going through it. Preparing yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally are key steps in getting a divorce.