Major Takeaways From The Primary Elections In Maine, Texas, And Alabama

Primary races always extrapolate the potential winners in an election. As the elections in the US are nearing, the citizens are paying more attention to what the results of the primary elections are. As per the early reports, Donald Trump will be able to claim victory in certain counties since the high-profile Republican candidates have prevailed in the race. Tuesday witnessed the primary elections, and the results were fascinating. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions wasn’t able to succeed in the fight for a revival of his political life. Trumps’ former physician Ronny Jackson won the race for the Texas congressional seat. These were the few takeaways of the primary elections, which have been zoomed in for more details below.

primary elections

1. Trump’s GOP Candidate Defeats Jeff Sessions

The former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville was backed by the President in the elections and was, therefore favored by many people. Sessions lost the US GOP primary runoff to Tommy by facing a defeat that the former attorney general wasn’t expecting. Tuberville was endorsed by Trump all through the campaigns, which has resulted in a positive response. He will now advance to the general election as the candidate for the Republican party, and they are all set to take on incumbent Doug Jones. In 2016, Session was the first US senator to endorse Trump for the presidential race. Now that Trump has become the prominent figure in the game, the politics have changed. Once the President’s support was lost, Sessions became an underdog in the fight.

2. Susan Collins Picked for Maine

One of the highly anticipated races that is about to take place in November is the one in Maine. A hard battle seems to be brewing in the state as the Democrats picked Susan Collins as their candidate. Three candidates were featured in the Democratic Senate for Maine, and the voters ranked all of them. While the others received a fairly good acceptance in the state, ranking did not favor them the way they were hoping to. Susan Collins has now been considered as the best choice for the Democrats in taking back the Senate majority. According to several reports, the senator will be facing the hardest reelection in her career.

3. Former Physician Wins GOP Primary Race in Texas

Trump fared well in this race with the candidates he supported having won the primary elections. Dr Ronny Jackson was Trump’s former physician and one-time nominee for Veteran Affairs secretary. He is now contesting for the congressional seat in Texas. The state is said to be conservative so much so that the President was able to score more than 60 points in the race.

GOP Primary Race

4. MJ Hegar vs. John Cornyn

In Texas, the Senate Democratic primary runoff was won by the Air Force veteran MJ Hegar. She had narrowly lost the race in the 2018 elections, after which, she was preparing for her return. Hegar’s win indicates that the Democrats can continue their winning streak after Gideon’s victory in Maine. She will be contesting against Republican Sen John Cornyn.