Citizens receive information from different sources, some information is provided by family and friends, business associates, while other information is obtained by hearing or observing others. However, the information which a person will get is greatly limited by the time available, personal and professional network. A person who is isolated will get very less information from these sources. To overcome this problem of lack of information, there some sources, like INEWSINDO, which will provide information to all on payment of their fee, this information is called news, and the information sources are called news outlets or media. For Understanding the Different Types of News and News Outlets, more details are provided below.

Types of news

The news outlets are usually providing information which most people are interested in, which will affect their life directly or indirectly. Political news about the government and its policies, especially those which affect the life of people, taxes is featured in most media.People are also interested in local news, which affects their daily life. News of people, events or other items in the state, country,and internationally also affects people to some extent. Since most adults are investors or using services, products the media outlet will usually have a business or finance section. Additional some people enjoy reading about sports, sporting events,actors, singers, models and other celebrities.

News outlets

Usually for the different types of news outlets, the cost of equipment, content creation and distribution is covered by advertising and subscription


Print media is the oldest news outlet, with newspapers being published for several centuries. Magazines, newsletters, brochures and other printed items are also part of the print media. Since printing a newspaper or magazine is fairly expensive, with a large amount of money being spent on paper, printing and distribution, starting a newspaper or magazine requires a large amount of investment. Hence the quality of the news in a reputed newspaper or magazine is usually better, since they will only hire writers and editors who are proficient in the language, and most articles are written manually.


Radio and television are the news outlets where the news is broadcast using transmitters at a particular frequency. People who have radio and television can hear the news after tuning to the radio or television channel frequency. On radio only the audio signal is transmitted, while on television, both the audio and video signal is broadcast. Increasingly satellites are used for broadcasting television channels and these channels are also available on the internet. In most countries there is a stringent licensing procedure for broadcasting on radio, television, and a large amount is invested in content creation.


Websites and blogs have become one of the most popular news outlets, since the internet users can access a large number of websites for free. Most popular newspapers, magazines, TV channels have their own websites. Additionally there are a large number of blogs and websites which are owned by small publishers. Since the mainstream print and broadcast media receives advertising from government agencies, they censor their content while smaller online publishers are more honest. One of the main disadvantages of the online content, is that there is no uniformity in the quality. A large number of websites are using spun content, which is machine generated,not readable

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