Restrictions Over The International Student Visa Lifted

In the past few months, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the US has been in a state of disorder for many reasons. The death of George Floyd added more drama to the situation with the protestors expressing their ferocious emotions through every tussle. Not everything went well with the protests since several other issues stemmed out of it. The decision by the President to restrict international students from returning to the country led to more backlash.

With thousands of students from other countries taking online classes from their homeland, the educational institutions were asked by the President’s office not to allow the students to return for the next year. Their visas were to be cancelled if they weren’t returning to the country in the next few weeks, and with the current situation, no student was in the position to take the risk. The whole affair aggravated when the parents and students protested and sought support from the institutions to fight this injustice. However, there seems to be a change in the decision of the state in imposing such restrictions over international students.

The Current State of the Restriction


With the coronavirus crisis not looking to end anytime soon, the international students were forced to go back to their countries for as long as the pandemic continued to torment the US. As the healthcare facilities are working around the clock to support the health department in fighting the virus, everyone was expecting to have a peaceful period with the process of learning being conducted online. The restrictions were announced on July 6 by the President’s office, which has now been taken down due to the pressure from the students and the institutions.

A federal court hearing in Boston, Massachusetts announced that the restrictions were withdrawn. The legal action against the restriction was raised by both the Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard University. The lawyer who had represented the US government gave an affirmation on the judgement of the judge to be correct. All international students will be allowed to keep their visas while the health emergency remains, and they can also attend the online classes until the end of this uncertain situation.

According to the agency’s requirements, the international students had to take at least some college classes in the autumn term in person, and if they do not, transfer to a different school was imperative. If no other schools aren’t offering in-person classes at that point, the students would have to leave the country. The agency had also stated that the students have to leave the country if the health emergency would lead to protracted online class sessions. This announcement was right after the confirmation of several colleges, including Harvard, about their decision to hold their online classes in autumn. After the colleges filed a case on July 8, the state took the matter seriously, and now the restriction has lifted. The announcement came as a surprise and relief for the international students.