Coronavirus Cases Soar In The Us

Of all the countries that have been under the attack of the coronavirus, the US is the worst affected one. With cases soaring every passing day, the malicious impact of the virus doesn’t seem to subside anytime soon. According to the latest reports, it isn’t just Texas, Florida, and Arizona that have been affected. Oklahoma and Nevada are among some of the other states that have been reporting a record number of cases in the past few days. As the hospitalization is becoming difficult with the increase in cases, the government is trying to find alternatives.


Approximately 63,000 cases were reported in the country on July 14, thereby pushing the total count to somewhere around 3.41 million. The most surprising fact of the country’s current situation is the factors that led to it. A virus that had been tormenting the entire world since the beginning of this year preyed on the most powerful country to push it to the first position in the number of cases and deaths. Such explosive growths in the number of cases were only seen in the other developing countries, which has no resources as much as the US does. The total number of cases in a week in Florida alone overtakes the total count in the European nations.

The Current Number of Deaths and Patients

In the states such as North Carolina, Alabama, Nevada, Florida, and Utah had reported a soaring number of cases in the last few weeks, and the total number of deaths has also increased to 133,000. In the aforementioned states, the death rate increased in the second week of July.


Around 45 people who had undergone human trials manifested positive immune responses without any side effects. According to the CDC Director, the coronavirus could be brought under control within the next two months if everyone wears a mask and follows all the instructions. A few communities in Texas and Arizona had requested mobile morgues to prepare for the surge in deaths in the coming weeks. The assisted-living facility in Montana had all its residents tested positive for COVID-19.

The Lingering Fear

One of the biggest fears of all the cured patients of coronavirus is the chance for reinfection. Doctors are also equally concerned about this, and the subject has brought about a lot of confusion among all citizens. Since the people aren’t quite aware of what the virus can bring in the future, the fear of reinfection can be warranted for. But as the research is still being conducted, the results are only being produced. Latent infections are being diagnosed in many individuals, which are often overlooked.

As the cases are at an all-time high, everyone is overwrought by the idea of the relapse of such a phase. The pool of data is expanding every minute, and as per the studies, the vaccine and the restrictions can bring down the death rate and the number of cases. However, none of these theories has been substantiated until now. And with over 22 states suffering from the pandemic, the chaos seems to linger.